Aiello Chiropractic

We treat everyone from athletes to infants. Our mission is to work on your pains until you can move better again. We identify the area that is bothering you, review your history, and view how you carry yourself.  The treatment begins with muscle stimulation and heat, followed by Active Release Technique® (ART®), chiropractic adjustments, and deep heat ultrasound, if needed. We work on a zone and target all surrounding muscles as these areas may also be contributed to the pain.

Dr. Tricia Aiello, DC

Dr. Tricia Aiello attended graduated from Palmer West Chiropractic College in San Jose, California as a Doctor of Chiropractic, specializing in Active Release Technique. She has been practicing since 2006 and has had her own office since 2010. Born and raised in Massapequa, NY, Tricia knew that she wanted to be a chiropractor since she was very young. As a child she experienced ear infections. Chiropractic was the only thing that helped her.  Also, her father and brother were both carpenters. Chiropractors helped them stay moving and motivated at work.  Dr. Aiello is the mom of a beautiful little girl. They enjoy horseback riding and gardening. And Dr. Aiello loves to cheer on her daughter in gymnastics.